Erica Lambert

Facilitator of Sum Faht Meditation in Denmark
Meditation type: Taoist (energy-based)
Language: Danish and English
Meeting times: Sundays twice per month between 10-12, with hygge until 13
Setting: Small groups, led with instruction- but not guided, with open interplay between participants
Meditation form: To sit with self and accept all aspects of the self, spontaneous movements and vocalisations can occur, to accept what is with equinamity, for each participant to learn to trust themself and see their own strengths in intution and character.
Good to know: This is an unusual type of meditation, in that unlike in zen meditation, movement and sound during meditation can occur. But otherwise, we want to accept whatever we experience in a given moment, without labelling it as good or bad. We learn to maintain focus and to center in our own energy despite surrounding energy or events. There are no rules. We create a safe environment with trust and respect for each person and can incorporate meditators from different paths and levels of experience. This path comes from a rich Asian background and we primarily do our Work in order to be more better humans through a growing self-awareness, and to build our own foundations, to meet life's challenges with balance and to enjoy life on deeper levels. Many of us want to also develop ourselves so that we have something special to share with others and the strength for if that may be required.
Extras: There is usually a meditation of at least 30 minutes and discussion, healing, feedback. The second half of the time is used to learn and experience related practices.  We focus on working with and respecting energies; We incorprorate intuitive training and sometimes clairavoyance; We learn about laws and energies of nature; Some elements of Asian philosophies can be incorporated into our concepts, including Buddhism, Taoism and Neo-Confucianism. We work with healing. We find love for ourselves by discovering who we truly are.